A Secret Revealed: Why Most (Day) Traders Fail

The following perspective on (day) trading comes from my many years of experience of active day trading or being the moderator of one of the largest day trading chat rooms on the Internet. One of the biggest problems I see with new traders (and even some old ones) has nothing to do with the software […]

Are You An Investment Dummy Like Me?

I am good at a few things. I can certainly market well and I consult with others about how to bring more attention to their products and services on the internet for a living. I am a fair musician. I love music and play all sorts of percussion instruments and even dabble with the guitar. […]

Discover how to earn money trading forex

Were you attracted to earn money trading forex because of this market’s enormous daily turnover which is reputed to be in the region of four trillion dollars? If so, then you would have become one of many who were all in search of a present day gold-rush capable of solving their financial woes. Unfortunately, performance […]

25 Ways to Find Companies to Buy

When you start your program to purchase your “ideal” company, you quickly realize that your ultimate success will depend on two primary skill sets: 1) Your ability to FIND viable companies that are for sale, and 2) Your ability to effectively qualify the potential acquisition investment once found. This article is about only step one, […]

Using A Good Forex Software

There are some forex software tools are provided to you provided by your forex broker and there also some independent tools (forex trading robots) which have nothing to do with brokers. These forex trading systems generate signals for the day for buying currency and also to sell currency. Thes robots automatically place orders for your […]

Profitable Forex Signals Indicators

The Forex market is growing faster and faster by the minute. Many tools have evolved for trading in this market. A great solution for a trader is the use of forex trading signals. Forex signals are time tested indicators of trends movements in the market. These signals fore tell resistance levels, support levels, breakouts, and […]

Forex Trading Software Tips

Software has made it easier to trade in the currency markets. Forex trading software compares different currencies in their respective markets. There are a couple types of software. One is known as Client side software. With this type of software, users log in to their accounts usually with a broker. Users will need to supply […]